Friday, November 30, 2007

more corndogging

Mark & Dirk, two enthusiastic Laguna Beach High "punkers," as they were known by the preppies, stoners, and jocks of the day. Mark formed a band in Laguna and also negotiated a space to play occasional weekends in a warehouse section of Laguna Canyon, away from potentially complaining homeowners. We called our little club "The Inferno" and even made a banner to hang behind the stage. The gigs brought together kids from the surrounding towns and we broadened our horizons a bit. This all went down at the close of the Cuckoo's Nest era in Costa Mesa, the best club the OC has ever known. I managed to see a couple gigs there before the city shut it down for good. The Nest was a place you could usually see about 3, sometimes 4 classic bands in one show for around 8 bucks. Like Black Flag, Circle Jerks, and Agent Orange... maybe 999, Dead Kennedys, Adolescents...or maybe the UK Subs, Fear, Flipper... or perhaps something a little darker like 45 Grave, Christian Death, and Funeral. It was counterculture heaven in a sea of bland suburban hell.

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Markitos said...

"in a sea of bland suburban hell"
OMG purfect I remmember Those days in the canyon. I was raisded in Qwaba land gawwwd I hated it