Friday, September 26, 2008


This is not the first I had heard of the Somali pirates. But when I read it, I began to smile to myself. Not that I'd want to be a pirate or be captured by them, but I am an anarcho-primitivist, after all. Reading about them has me imagining the future collapse of civilization.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

the good & the radical

"The good life is never stable, never secure, never easy and never ended. It is a series of steps or stages, one leading into the other and all, in their outcome, adding, not subtracting; augmenting, not diminishing; building, not destroying; creating, not annihilating."

-- Scott Nearing, 1965

Helen and Scott Nearing

The Good Life Center

The Thoreau Institute

P.S. My wife gets credit for exposing me to the Nearings and The Good Life.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

down the toilet

From a NY Times Op-Ed piece, Sept. 17, 2008:

I talked to a Wal-Mart mom, Betty Necas, 39, wearing sweatpants and tattoos on her wrists.

She said she’s never voted, and was a teenage mom “like Bristol [Palin].” She likes Sarah because she’s “down home” but said Obama “gives me the creeps. Nothing to do with the fact that he’s black. He just seems snotty, and he looks weaselly.”

Good thing she's never voted. Unfortunately, though, lots of people who make decisions based on similar reasoning do vote.

On a related note, Republican leaders point to Palin's ability to field dress a moose as a qualification for office.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

holy crap, i'm an anarcho-primitivist

I can't do anything concrete about it yet, but I am scheming how to drop out. Get off the grid, grow my own food, live in an intentional community with family and perhaps a few like-minded individuals. I've become a bit of a curmudgeon, but with good reason, I think. This is because most people are two-faced idiots that I've had enough of. It's because I no longer want any part of our present socio-economic system. It's because our electoral system and politics are crooked and distasteful. And I don't want to spend this life fighting it and struggling among the masses. I just want to live out my days doing things that truly matter. Like growing food and building tangible things, whether they be practical or creative or relational (or all in one). Oh yeah, and rewilding, too. What a great word and concept.


P.S. Belatedly, my wife gets credit for exposing me to anarcho-primitivism