Tuesday, October 7, 2008

so ridiculous i just barfed in my mouth

Jessie Puglisi, 22. (Photo: Monica Almeida/The New York Times)

"Those who work on the base — or are married to someone who does — seemed as reliably Republican as the state of Nebraska itself. “Obama is the anti-Christ,” said Jessie Puglisi, 22, whose husband is an airman. “I don’t really agree with any of his policies. My husband feels the same way. He won’t even buy a magazine if Obama’s face is on it. We hang out with a lot of military people, and they all feel the same way.”"

The question is: does she actually know or understand any of Obama's policies? More likely she doesn't like that middle name.

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tres_arboles said...

...her comments made all the more ridiculous in that military members are donating to Obama's campaign at a rate of 5 to 1 over McCain's. And the facts that McCain has perpetually voted against veterans issues and ordinary troop support legislation (eg funding for body armor).

Like Miki once said, "The world is filled with stupid people...that's why I don't live there."


tres_arboles said...

For the longest time I avoided language like that in the above comment ("stupid") to describe the voting preferences/habits of some Americans. I really never wanted to be tarnished by the "elitist" brush. But I really could care less anymore. If the fact that I think critically, and seek and digest information before making decisions, then I'm one. And we could use a whole lot more of that kind of elitism in the electorate.

FWIW, here's the data on McCain's veterans policy that Ms. Jessie Puglisi so-prefers to Obama's:

McCain Has Voted To Cut, Eliminate, or Gut Veterans Health Care Funding At Least 27 Times.

McCain Voted To Gut, Eliminate, or Cut Funding for Veterans Programs At Least 18 Times.

McCain Refused to Endorse Webb’s GI Education Bill.

McCain’s rating by DAV: 25/100 in 2005, 20/100 in 2006
Obama’s rating by DAV: 92/100 in 2005, 80/100 in 2006

Iraq Afghanistran Veterans of America 2008 rating for McCain: D
IAVA’s 2008 rating for Obama: B

Courtesy of a commenter to the article.


Gazelle said...

David -

There comes a time when people like you and me must accept that the majority (or at least a sizeable chunk) of the electorate are truly ignorant. I don't know how many times I've encountered people making voting decisions based on not liking how someone looks or some such nonsense. The lack of critical thinking skills among Americans is pathetic and only getting worse with the decay of public education and breakdown of families and distractions like TV and celebrity worship. The powers that be are loving it.

At least it makes for good theater of the absurd.


Beetlejuice said...

That's the beauty of our system,we all vote our own way and based on our own reasons.I'l vote McCain mainly based on his character.I vote party line because of the overarching philosophy.

Gazelle said...

I would agree there's beauty in a system when people have well thought out reasons for voting the way they do. But I can't agree it's beautiful when votes are based on appearance, race, gender, or just plain lack of reason and logic.