Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Photo copyright 2000 Gazelle

Rhodes, Greece


Patch said...


Another great shot! At what size and res are you importing your images?

Gazelle said...

Thanks, patch.

I have a crappy Lexmark scanner that will only go up to 300 dpi, so with the exception of my first posts done at the default 150 dpi, they are all at 300. My scan originals are mostly 3x5 "work prints" used to decide if I'd like to print larger or on different papers. It seems that the scans that work best are from the glossy work prints, rather than the softer and larger fiber paper prints. As for size, I just lay the original on the scanner and it scans it - there doesn't appear to be any size setting(if you can't tell by now, I'm a bit digitally challenged).

Patch said...

Thanks Gazelle.