Monday, June 25, 2007

baja norte

Photo by Gazelle 2004

The raw sewage, the garbage and broken glass, the broken down cars, the incomplete construction projects, the mangy stray animals, the poverty, the dust, the corruption, the gated gringovilles. Baja Norte is not for everyone. Personally, after being robbed, jailed, sickened, and generally disgusted with the stretch of coast between the border and Ensenada, I think I'm done.


Patch said...

Gazelle, It makes for great stories though... :)

Gazelle said...

You ain't kidding, patch. But I think I'm ready to hear somebody else's stories instead of mine.

Paltihookus said...

Gazelle, lest we forget the tortilla throwing contests from the balcony of La Fonda. Btw, never realized you had developed such a distaste for northern Baja. Fond memories include Mr. Toad's wild ride after a night in that TJ disco...I can't believe we survived! C-ya! AKA: BB (TCB)