Tuesday, June 12, 2007

peace park

Photo copyright 1990 Gazelle

Park maintenance crew, Hiroshima Peace Park, Japan

This park encompasses ground zero for the atomic bomb detonated over Hiroshima in 1945. Ground zero itself is over a former city hall building, preserved and commonly known as the "a-bomb dome" because of the twisted supports remaining of the structure's dome.

Hiroshima is a remarkable city for many reasons, not least among them the consciousness of its citizens. They seem to have a clear understanding of the importance of what happened to their city, and take seriously the mission of preventing anything like it from ever happening again. If you're a peace-lover, make a pilgrimage to Hiroshima. After touring through the museum in the park and seeing graphic displays of the horror these people experienced, you'll be amazed at the capacity of humans to forgive and move forward in a positive direction.

theme tune, inspired by patch and chum, who regularly offer up musical accompaniment to their posts.


nmm said...

Ladies giggling like girls. I like it.

Patch said...

Amazing, and to think this wasn't too long ago... another nice caught moment Gazelle, very genuine.

Gazelle said...

Thank you both.

This image always brings a smile to my face.