Monday, December 17, 2007


Mallory Knox told it like it was. As a species we've been very naughty, and a solid scolding from Ms. Knox is long overdue. But it could be that it's too late for such a scolding to do any good.

This century will no doubt be a defining one for us and the planet. I'm simultaneously horrified and excited by the many possibilities. What will China do with its billion plus people, its political system, its environment, its economy? Will the USA elect progressively dumber and increasingly nefarious leaders? Will Islamic terrorists get their fanatical little hands on nuclear material and detonate a "dirty bomb?" Will we figure out that the wonders and absurdities of the marketplace are not the be-all and end-all? Will mass extinctions and climate change seriously start slapping us in the face? Will we wise up? Probably not, but I can't abandon hope entirely...


pranaglider said...

Gaz, Sometimes your post are so deep that I have to think for quite a while on the topic to come up with a comment. Today's is like that. It reminds me of my wife's comment after we witnessed some road rage this last weekend (xmas shopping). "maybe we need a pandemic to thin the herd" Although that seems harsh, perhaps its the way when too many of a species start to posion there environment and themselves. I hope not but ... we will see.

Sorry to be such a bummer.

On a lighter note, great blog, excellent photography and it a daily read for me even if I don't get it together enough to comment.

Gazelle said...

Thanks for reading, pranaglider. I think your wife is on to something - a pandemic/disaster of our own making (perhaps like the "rage" virus depicted in the film 28 Days Later) would be nothing more than natural selection at work.

nm said...

"Thinning the herd..."

Who or What constitutes "the herd"?

pranaglider said...


Us, you me, all of us, we are the herd.

So I hear.

"Thus I have heard..."