Sunday, February 17, 2008

out of step

Photo copyright 2008 Gazelle

"Where the environment is stupid or prejudiced or cruel, it is a sign of merit to be out of step with it."

Bertrand Russell


pranaglider said...

great stuff, as usual

clayfin said...

new material, but you have gone digital?

Gazelle said...

I wouldn't say I've "gone digital" since I have both film and digital equipment. But that's mostly a matter of money. If I could afford better pro digital stuff, I'd get it tomorrow. I am interested in framing and shooting, not hours and hours in the darkroom.

clayfin said...

I know what you mean. I used to spend many enjoyable hours in the darkroom at the Harvey Milk Photo Center in SF. But then I moved away, had kids, etc., etc. and have no time for the darkroom, and no cash for film processing. I was thinking of getting one of these:

I like that it has a hotshoe so I could hook up some lights for shooting my ceramics.

Gazelle said...

clayfin -

You may want to look into digital SLR's from Nikon and Canon. That way you have a hotshoe, can change lenses, go manual, the whole nine yards. They're getting cheaper by the day.

check this link out for comparisons:

I recently saw a Nikon D40 with two lenses online for $500 after sale and rebate! You don't need more than about 6-8 megapixels unless you're making very big enlargements.