Tuesday, July 8, 2008

heavy attitude

Those of you not living in Oregon will probably not recognize the significance of this July 4th weekend photograph. It's of two dory boaters seconds after running over a 14 year old surfer and completely severing his arm at one of the coast's most popular surf breaks. I hope they are ashamed. I also hope that the local prosecutor charges them and the kid's family files a civil suit. They deserve to suffer a little for this unnecessary accident, and the callous attitude. And no, I don't feel sorry for struggling working (or recreational) fishermen irritated by surfers in the way - deal with it, kooks. All activity comes with responsibility, so own up and act appropriately.

photographer describes scene



Anonymous said...

F-ing A.

About time someone puts this out there.

I can think of at least 4 or 5 Oregon surf blogs, and not a peep.


Foulweather... said...

Reports are that the doryman felt terrible about the accident. That photo would suggest otherwise.

Gazelle said...

I am suspicious of the reports that he felt terrible - sure he did, after he realized how serious the injury was and that he could be in BIG trouble as a result. We'll have to see what he does to make amends. Meanwhile, this photo is damning evidence against him. Do we really want people like this driving big boats around us and our families? His license to fish and drive a boat should be revoked, particularly if it's true that he did not use his horn as is the custom.

Gaz said...

I agree with your sentiments entirely, I had similar feelings when I saw the pictures that Paul took.

It didn't seem appropriate to me to blog of this until we had cooled off after the initial anger and at the very least looked to Cole Ortega's future, hence the fund we started toward that end.

We are awaiting the Tillamook Sheriff's findings, personally I'm not expecting too much from them, but I hope I'm wrong....

A number of us are working toward a safer situation for all non-motorised surf users within the cape area.

Gazelle said...

I'm glad to hear that surfing folks are working on a solution to avoid these kinds of accidents, Gaz (as well as the dory users). It's a cliche, but it seems tragedies like this are often what spurs better systems being put in place. We've certainly solved more complicated situations than this, so I'm sure this problem can be tackled.

pushingtide said...

Heeeavy. Poor kid. Didn't deserve it. Damn.