Monday, July 14, 2008


In honor of my friend Breno's new enterprise of importing Brazilian surfboards made by one of that country's finest shapers, I give you Jorge Ben, live.

Surf around Breno's website - he tells me the boards should be priced comparably to US made boards. These boards are different than what we are commonly seeing up here in the northern hemisphere - check their lineup of standard shapes here. Check out the Popozuda, or Big Butt, below -


Foulweather... said...

Looks like it would suit Oregon waves. You should see if you can get one with five fin boxes to surf as either a quad or thruster. Bet it would be pretty versatile.

Gazelle said...

I agree - custom boards may be ordered, so I don't see why different fin box configurations couldn't be. He also said the Popozuda was designed to compete with longboards getting all the waves, and generally for smaller, sloppier conditions.