Sunday, April 15, 2007


Photo copyright Gazelle 1992
Bob lived in his van in front of my apartment building in Santa Monica. The building manager kindly allowed him to park his van in the driveway in exchange for some handyman work on the property. The manager also let him use her bathroom. Bob was hard of hearing and difficult to understand but I learned a few things about him. He liked cigars and enjoyed visitors in his van 'living room.' He always greeted me with a wave if he wasn't slumped asleep over his steering wheel. After I got to know him a little better I asked if he would let me take some portraits. The photo above is one of the results.

After a couple years, I moved to a different location across town. Sometimes I would pass by and see Bob and/or his vehicle. Then, not surprisingly, Bob was gone. He was very old and he passed away peacefully in his van. The manager said he had no family that she was aware of. Not long afterward, the van was taken away.


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Lived a no worse life than many. In fact, I bet he loved the way he lived it. Simple.