Sunday, April 22, 2007


Photos copyright Gazelle 1995

N. Venice and S. Santa Monica have been through many transformations in the last 100 years. From sand and weeds to resort development to seedy beach ghetto to gentrified yuppie and celebrity haven. Although the area is now more expensive and crowded than ever, it still has character. One side benefit of all the recent changes is that the gang wars have become mostly ancient history on the westside (in large part because gangsters have actually been priced out of their traditional hoods). In spite of it all, historic Dogtown remains a self-contained district where residents can (and do) easily walk and bike and skate to everything they need. Unfortunately, that's not as common as it should be in LA.

And when the next wave of urban decay sweeps over the area, who knows what new artistic incubations and social transformations are in store for Dogtown?

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