Sunday, March 25, 2007

new island surf frontiers?

All Photos N.Y. Times

On the top is an image of the Faroe Islands, located halfway between Norway and Iceland - cold and lonely islands with lots of swell exposure. The islands are officially a part of Denmark now, but the inhabitants are descended from Norse Vikings. If any of the locals surf, you probably want to give them extra respect in the water.

The two lower photos are of Socotra, Yemen. This island has great exposure to some of the same Indian Ocean swells that would hit the Maldives and the horn of Africa. The island also sounds safe for foreigners (or at least much more so than the mainland), has a unique and isolated local culture, and is loaded with exotic flora and fauna. The travel articles linked below don't mention surfing, but what does a surfer think of first when he reads about an ocean island?

P.S. No surprise, but Yemen has been surfed, as has Socotra Island. There's not much info out there so it would still be quite an adventure. As for the Faroes, there is no info on surfing that I could find. But check out this beautiful photo showing some wave action there -


Foulweather... said...

I've had my eye on Oman for a long time. I spent a few years in the Persian Gulf, pissed off I was missing the waves back home. It would be good to catch some waves in the Middle East.

Gazelle said...

It's always fun to catch waves, but in a far off land it is extra exciting. I was even super stoked to catch good surf in Massachussetts one summer...